Financial guidance tailored to your life

We know finances are about more than money. They’re about families and futures, long-term goals and the confidence to weather twists and turns. Financial well-being is about focusing on the important things in life. Raymond James was founded on that understanding, that personal wealth demands a personal approach to investing and a financial plan tailored specifically to you.

About Raymond James (USA) Ltd.

Raymond James (USA) Ltd. is part of Raymond James, created to serve individuals and families with financial concerns on both sides of the Canada-U.S. border. Headquartered in Canada, Raymond James (USA) Ltd. is licensed in the U.S. and works with Canada-based advisors who are dually licensed in both nations. Raymond James advisors are located throughout Canada and serve a variety of clients, from new professionals and up-and-comers to the most sophisticated and experienced investors and their families.

Raymond James (USA) Ltd. can connect you with a financial advisor who can help you meet your goals.